Caloriegate: What if overeating doesn’t make you fat and the “Eat Less Move More” message is wrong?

Calories don’t “count” in the way everyone thinks they do. This changes everything

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The ONLY 100% Accurate Way to Think about Obesity?

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All weight loss diets — low fat, low calorie, low carb, low blarb, etc — are, at essence, ways to treat obesity and/or prevent it.

Think about your weight loss goal as a mountain you want to climb.

Reaching your goal of, say, 50 pounds of excess fat gone, might be the equivalent of reaching the peak of a 5,000 foot mountain.

Different diets are analogous to different paths up that mountain:

  • Some paths lead only half way up. (i.e. you lose 25 pounds and then stall out)
  • Other paths zigzag up and down and finally dump you back at base camp. (i.e. you yo-yo diet for months or years before winding up back at your starting weight.)
  • Other paths are thorny and eventually lead off the side of a cliff. (i.e. the diet is ferociously difficult/hunger-inducing and/or hurts you.)
  • Still other paths may lead quickly and easily to the peak. (i.e. you lose the fat easily and effortlessly and keep it off.)

The Diet Wars constitute an ongoing argument over who’s got the Best Path Up the Mountain. Whose path is fastest? Whose path is most certain? Whose path is safest? Whose path is most popular? Whose path is cheapest? Whose path does your favorite celebrity du jour follow? Etc.

All well and good. You’ve got a mountain to climb (i.e. pounds to lose). You need a path that’s going to get you there, according to principles acceptable to you.

The problem is that no one is looking at the mountain as a whole.

We need to survey the whole mountain, otherwise we’re never going to know what path is really “best,” nor will we ever bring the Diet Wars to a satisfying conclusion.

So what is the “mountain as a whole”?

The mountain as a whole is the Black Box — the concept I introduce in my free report. The Black Box is not a Path Up The Mountain. It is not a diet solution, per se. Rather, it’s a model of the landscape that we’re all trying to get a grip on.

As any Zen meditator worth his snuff will tell you: to begin to make progress in any endeavor, you MUST SEE REALITY CLEARLY.

We need a vision of the whole mountain.

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