No More Sugar, Pasta, and Bread?

But Those are, Like, My Favorite Foods! ūüôĀ

Living Low Carb in Our “High Carb” World Ain’t Easy…

But It’s Not Nearly As Difficult As You Fear, Either. In Fact, There Are Really Only 8 Major Challenges… And This eBook Surfaces and Addresses Them All!


I’m guessing you’ve heard good things about low carb diets. But you’re a bit confused and perhaps a tad dubious.

Good science suggests that low carbing can lead to serious fat loss, even after traditional low calorie plans have failed. And as someone who lost 15 pounds doing low carb — and who’s kept it off effortlessly for 4 years — I can attest that being slim and never hungry is pretty amazing.

At the same time, the low carb message clashes mightily with much of the received wisdom about what constitutes a “healthy” diet.

For instance‚Ķ we’ve all been taught that eating fat will make us fat and clog our arteries. Yet dietary fat serves as the primary fuel on properly formulated low carb diets!

Likewise, we’ve been told we need to eat SOME carbs — the so-called “good carbs” — for energy. Most of us agree that ice cream and potato chips aren’t great. But isn’t it extreme to put the kibosh on wild rice and whole grain bread?

And those types of questions/fears constitute just the tip of the iceberg…

Jimmy Moore

Livin’ La Vida Low Carb blogger, from the foreward to The Low Carber’s Survival Guide

With so many voices telling you what’s right, what’s wrong, and how you should be eating and exercising, don’t you wish you had a teacher who could clearly explain it all to you in language that is understandable? Well, now you do. His name is Adam Kosloff.

Fred Hahn

Author of Strong Kids Health Kids and The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution (co-authored with Drs. Mike and Mary Dan Eades)

Adam Kosloff’s Low Carber’s Survival Guide is a wonderful resource for those of you who are still riding the low carb fence and want simple, easy to understand and straight forward advice on how to incorporate low carb living into your high carb life. Two thumbs up!

James Clark

Thank you very much… awesome material!

The Challenges of Low Carb Living Go Way Beyond “Understanding the Science”

We’re all trapped in a “high carb” world. All of our favorite foods (with the possible exception of bacon!) are chock full of carbs: cakes, cookies, freshly baked bread, pasta, french fries, etc. Name your 10 most favorite foods. Dollars to donuts, they’re all carb-o-licious.

Carbs are yummy. They’re everywhere. And most people are addicted to them. As in literally addicted, physiologically.

As if that wasn’t enough‚Ķ

Our public health authorities, doctors, neighbors and friends are constantly admonishing us to load up on these fattening carbs. Those who dare to flout this advice can feel like a forgotten minority, without a political party, a celebrity spokesperson or any real voice.

Few of us want to be “dietary rebels.”

Yet we DO want to be healthier and slimmer.

Thus, we face a paradox. If low carb is the way to go, as the science seems to suggest, then how do we navigate our confusing environment?

There are a lot of great books on this diet out there, but there’s never been a single resource that systematically surfaces and addresses all the nagging issues that make this kind of lifestyle so potentially challenging. Until now… :]

Introducing: The Low Carber’s Survival Guide

My name is Adam Kosloff. I am a Yale University graduate (B.S. in geophysics) and low carb enthusiast and author. I got into the world of low carbing in 2007, after I read science journalist Gary Taubes’ best-seller, Good Calories Bad Calories. Taubes’ book inspired me to create the blog as well as a 200+ page website, www,, to spread the word about an alternative theory about weight loss that decisively implicates carbohydrates as the primary cause of obesity.

If this theory is correct, then most overweight people should probably be doing something like low carb, ASAP!

The Low Carber’s Survival Guide aims to help you understand the low carb basics and live this lifestyle cheaper, faster, and easier… with less stress and more success:

  • Get clarity on all the main sources of confusion about low carb diets‚Ķ and resolve doubts you may have about the science‚Ķ in just 14 pages.
  • Learn how to slash your grocery bill by 15% or more… all while eating healthier‚Ķ
  • Save tons of time making, eating, and cleaning up from your meals.
  • Review Low Carb Talking Points to cement your knowledge of these diets‚Ķ and to help those around you understand, too.
  • Discover a life-changing answer to that age-old question: What might be the best exercise program to go with your diet? (This insight alone has the potential to rock your world — it did mine.)
  • Find a solid blueprint for how to deal with tricky low carb etiquette problems — applicable to virtually ANY situation.
  • Discover winning strategies to break through carb cravings… (not as hard as you fear it might be!)
  • Uncover explanations for why low carb may NOT give good results… and find surprising ideas to kick start weight loss again.
  • Break through the info-overload that makes researching about weight loss so time-consuming and confusing.

5 Reasons to Get The Low Carber’s Survival Guide

Whether You’re a Total Low Carb Newbie‚Ķ Or You Haven’t Had a Slice of Bread Since the Reagan Years.

1. The LCSG will educate you about low carb science in clear, vivid language.

Are you confused about whether low carb is a fad diet? Are you dubious of the suggestion that eating fat could be good for you? This eBook demystifies many myths that needlessly scare dieters away.

2. This guide can save you time, money, and hassle.

Meat and vegetables are more expensive — and harder to prepare — than soda and pasta. The creative tips in the LCSG should make your low carb life signficantly less stressful/costly to maintain.

3. Makes the complicated simple.

I have boiled down a lot of crazily technical stuff for you… and put it all in one place for easy reference.

4. Two awesome bonuses… which we shall talk about shortly.

5. New ideas, new hypotheses, new ways of thinking about old problems.

For instance, here is an example of what you’ll get — a cool metaphor that teaches the concept of the Paleolithic Diet, which underpins the low carb approach (from page 20 of the LCSG):

Let’s translate years into feet. So we will compress every 1,000 years of human history into a single foot — the length of a ruler.

Since the Era of the Paleolithic Diet lasted about ~2,500,000 years, it translates to about 2,500 feet: the equivalent of 2 Empire State Buildings stacked on top of each other. The Era of the Agrarian Diet has lasted about ~10,000 years: the equivalent of a tall man extending his arms over his head. And the Era of Refined Sugars and Carbohydrates has lasted about ~200 years: the equivalent of the height of an iPhone.

I want you, in your mind, to envision two Empire State Buildings stacked on top of each other. Then envision resting your iPhone at the base of that super-skyscraper. THAT should give you some idea of the scale — some idea of the mismatch.

The takeaway: the Paleolithic diet — whatever that was — surely must be the “real” human diet.


Useful Insights into the Low Carb Journey That You’ll Find Nowhere Else…

  • An Overview of the 8 Main Low Carb Survival Challenges — and a step-by-step, systematic approach to deal with each one.
  • 17 surprising strategies and ideas to help you save time and money eating low carb
  • The Complete Low Carb Etiquette Guide
  • 22 speculative reasons why these diets might fail — along with possible solutions. A one-of-a-kind list that I developed after talking to the experts and doing my own independent research
  • A close look at points of dispute among low carbers, and a method to help you think through them without losing your mind or wasting hours on the internet
  • 16 Bulletproof Talking Points to help you understand and explain low carb theory
  • A roadmap to end diet self-sabotage
  • 7 completely free sources of low carb support
  • 12 points of consensus amongst (almost) all main low carb plans
  • 10 battle tactics for breaking carbohydrate addiction
  • A simple, clear one-page Green Light/Yellow Light/Red Light system to help you choose your foods


Bonnie M.

I just wanted to tell you that I think the book is awesome. I especially enjoyed your conversation with Gary Taubes at the end. This whole concept of calories-in-calories-out not actually having anything to do with weight loss makes so much sense, and as you say in the book, it’s groundbreaking information.

Sharon Lefleur

Hi Adam – I really enjoyed your book and read it in one sitting.

Living a Successful Low Carb Life Is Easy and Fun!

The Low Carber’s Survival Guide is just $15. Which I feel is a pretty good price based on all the value it contains.

Think about it this way. Let’s say it helps you save just 30 minutes a week preparing your low carb meals. If you earn $30/hour, that means you will “make up” the cost of the book in the first week.

Or maybe you’ll save $10 a week using the money saving tips… in which case you’ll make up for the cost and then some in just two weeks!


100% Money-Back Guarantee with Sugar on Top

Just kidding — no sugar will be added.

But I am seriously positive you will enjoy this book and get your money’s worth and beyond, so I guarantee your satisfaction for a full year. And at the risk of being overly self-promotional, I should tell you that I’ve had a very low return rate on this eBook. Something like 0.2%, which is pretty great in the eBook publishing world. :]


Order your survival guide today, and you will get two amazing bonus interviews.


BONUS #1 — An in-depth interview with low carb strength trainer, Fred Hahn

Author of The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution (which he co-wrote with Drs. Mike and Mary Dan Eades) and Strong Kids Healthy Kids.

If you have never heard of Fred Hahn or of his Slow Burn exercise methodology, you’re in for a treat. Fred’s theories about fitness forever altered how I will think about exercise. Thanks to Fred, I’m stronger at age 36 than I was when I rowed crew at age 18. And I only work out 30 minutes a week. Seriously!

Dr. Carole Tallant

I read the interview with Fred Hahn and that alone is worth the price of the book!!! Even though I’ve read the book he co-authored with the Eades… It was enlightening to hear about his background and how he got interested in super slow training. He is INSPIRING in the same way you are. I’ve begun doing a variation of the workout, but using the protocol he recommends for timing, and I love it.

BONUS #2 — A 45 page interview with none other than Gary Taubes

Author of the bestselling books Good Calories Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It.

Gary is an award winning science writer who’s probably the most famous living advocate of low carb science in the world. He talked to me for hours about an array of issues that I guarantee will fascinate anyone who has any interest in low carb living.

Learn what Gary has to say about many key issues, including:

  • The challenges of resisting cookies, even when you’re an anti-sugar advocate
  • The surprising likely cause of anorexia
  • Thoughts on what carb addiction is… and how to manage it most effectively
  • What might make a low carb diet dysfunctional — and how to deal with it
  • Whether evidence exists that challenges low carb theory
  • How Gary gained weight even while on low carb‚Ķ and how he lost it again!
  • His experience doing Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn program
  • What concerned people can do to make this world a healthier place
  • Gary’s thoughts on his new book, Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It.
  • And much, much more!

Al Watson

Author of Cereal Killer

Just finished the Taubes interview; a really great piece. Thoughtful, personal and compelling debate as well. From one contrarian to another, congratulations for moving ahead on your truly great e-book.

Look, it’s really not as hard as you think to adapt and thrive as a low carber in our high carb world!

The Low Carber’s Survival Guide can empower and support you with cool tools and ideas that you can use for life.

The next step is up to you.

All the best,

Adam Kosloff


Here is a summary of what you get when you order right now at the test price of $15 (final price will be $27):

  • The Low Carber’s Survival Guide — in which we identify and break down the 8 Main Challenges preventing you from living low carb to its fullest.
  • Bonus #1 — Conversation with Fred Hahn: discover Fred’s powerful counterintuitive ideas about fitness and exercise!
  • Bonus #2 — Conversation with Gary Taubes: one of the most widely respected leaders of the low carb movement talks in depth about problems that face low carbers trapped in a high carb world.

Don’t delay! Order now at the low introductory price of $15 — your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for a full year!



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