Caloriegate: What if overeating doesn’t make you fat and the “Eat Less Move More” message is wrong?

Calories don’t “count” in the way everyone thinks they do. This changes everything

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Betty Says “Bye Bye” to Bad Carbs!

Betty Says “Bye Bye” to Bad Carbs!

Here’s a fun comic I wrote about a woman quitting carbs. Click the picture to get to the next slide. And enjoy!

If you liked Betty’s adventures, please share them with one friend. And they continue in the sequel, “The Carbs Strike Back!” Find out what happens when a sweet potato sweet talks our heroine into abandoning her low carb diet…










Also, if you’re interested, grab a copy of The Low Carber’s Survival Guide, my eBook that surfaces and addresses the 8 main obstacles that make it such a royal pain to live low carb while trapped in our “high carb” world. It’s a companion piece meant to supplement other great books in the genre. It comes with two very cool exclusive bonus interviews with strength trainer, Fred Hahn, and science journalist, Gary Taubes. 30% of profits will be donated to the Nutritional Science Initiative (NuSI). Thanks!